9 Valuable Items To Remove Before Selling Your Car to a Junkyard

Wondering what to remove from your junk car before selling it to a junkyard. We have the full list of items to make sure you remove based on over 30 years experience junking cars in Tampa, FL.

Change or Cash

remove change from cupholders and other areas
Many people place spare change and small bills in a vehicles cup holders or center consoles. It may not be much but it can sure add up. Be sure you are not throwing money away by leaving it in the junk car.

Registered Weapons

remove any registered weapons
People with concealed permits sometimes store their registered weapons in the glove compartment or under the seats. Make sure your remove any weapons before your scrap car is removed for legal and safety reason. Plus, they’re not cheap!

Portable GPS Systems

Many older model cars did not come with built-in GPS systems. If you added a portable GPS system, don’t forget to remove it. You may be able to use it in another vehicle or give it to someone else with a reliable old model car.

Audio System

remove any portable audio equipment
If you have added an after-market audio system to your old vehicle, you may want to take it out before the tow truck driver takes your junk car away depending on its value. You may be able to reuse it or sell it to someone in need, but don’t expect a large profit.

Cell Phone Chargers

remove any cell phone chargers
Cell phone charges might not break the bank when replacing them, but it sure is annoying when you need one and don’t have one. Removing your phone charger and transferring it to your new car will ensure you are never left without power to make important call.

First Aid Kits

remove first aid kits
If your have supplied your car with a first aid kit in case of emergencies, don’t forget to grab it. Although it is not valuable, it sure does come in handy in a pinch. Be sure to restock with ban-aids, alcohol swaps and antibiotic ointment.

Emergency Kits

remove vehicle emergency kits
If you store any emergency tools like seat belt cutter, window breaker, road flares or orange cone markers in your trunk, be sure to take these as you most-likely will need one or all of them at some point if you continue to drive. These items never go bad and you never know when you might need them.

Spare Tire and Tools

remove the spare tire and any tools with it
Although your junk car may not be in running condition, maybe you still have a spare tire with carjack in the trunk. Removing these items and saving them for a future time may prove to be beneficial. If you are purchasing a newer used car, sometimes they do not come with these items and you won’t need to go out and purchase them.

SunPass/Tollbooth Transponders

remove your Florida sunpass transponder
Whether you have a decal, sticker or portable transponder, you will want to remove it before you sell your junk car so you don’t have to waste money on purchasing a new one.

Now that you have made sure all the important items are removed before your scrap car is towed away, you are ready to sell your car to All Auto Hustlers for top dollar. Contact us today for your fast, no-hassle quote.

Double-Check Before Your Scrap Car is Removed

If you are selling your junk car for money, don’t lose money by leaving important items in the car. Double and even triple check the car before the car is removed for scrap and parts. Be sure to look under the seats, trunk, door pockets, glove box and any other compartments for anything of value.


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